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5.0m PUR 16x0,5+3x1,0, UL/CSA
Art.No.: 8000-58512-4520500
Weight: 1.5 kg
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5.0 m
Replaces identical product (Art.No. 27497)
Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 125 V AC/DC
Operating current per contact max. 4 A
Locking of ports Screw thread (M12×1 mm)
Protection IP65, IP67, IP68
Housing Zinc die casting, matte nickel plated
General data
Temperature range -20...+90 °C, depending on cable quality
No./diameter of wires 16× 0.5 + 3× 1.0 mm²
Wire isolation TPE (grpk, wh, rdbl, gn, whgn, ye, brgn, gr, whye, pk, yebr, rd, whgr, bk, grbr, vi, br, bl, gnye)
C-track properties 5 Mio.
Cable identification 452
Cable number 452
Approval (cable) UL (AWM-Style 20233), CSA
Cable weight [g/m] 231 g
Material (wire) Cu wire, bare
Resistor (core) max. 39 Ω/km (0.5 mm²); max. 20 Ω/km (1.0 mm²); (20 °C)
Single wire Ø (core) 0.1 mm
Construction (core) 64× 0.1 mm (0.5 mm²), 128× 0.1 mm (1.0 mm²); (multi-strand wire class 6)
Diameter (core) 16× 0.5 + 3× 1.0 mm²
AWG similar to AWG 20 (0.5 mm²); similar to AWG 17 (1.0 mm²)
Material (wire isolation) TPE-E
Shore hardness (wire isolation) 55 ±3 D
Wire-Ø incl. isolation 1.6 mm ±5% (0.5 mm²); 2.1 mm ±5% (1.0 mm²)
Material (jacket) PUR
Outer-Ø (jacket) 11.6 mm ±5%
Color (jacket) gray
Jacket Color gray
chemical resistance good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
Nominal voltage 300/300 V AC
Test voltage 2000 V AC
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+80 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -5...+80 °C
Bend radius (moving) 10× outer Ø
Bend radius (moving) 10× outer Ø
No. of bending cycles (C-track) max. 5 Mio.
Travel speed (C-track) max. 2 m/s
Material (jacket) PUR (UL/CSA)
Contact Layout
PIN 1 (+)
PIN 2 (NC)/(S2)
PIN 3 (-)
PIN 4 (NO)/(S1)
PIN 5 (Earth)
Commercial data
country of origin CZ
customs tariff number 85444290
EAN 4048879351973
eClass 27279219
Packaging unit 1.000
Data Regarding Article:
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  • Download Approvals and certificates 8000-58512-4520500_E201820-NRAQ_ul_z_b.pdf
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  • Download China RoHS information EPUP-20_CHR_x_1.pdf
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  • Download Installation Instructions 8000-54510-4480300_ina_6_22.pdf