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IN: 24 VDC - OUT: 24 VDC / 0.2 A
Art.No.: 526075
Weight: 0.028 kg
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Transistor 0.2 A
24 V DC
Control current 0.1 mA (5 V DC)
Screw terminals
General data
Test isolation voltage 3.75 kV
Dimensions H×W×D 91×6.2×70 mm
Mounting method DIN-rail mountable (EN 60715)
Housing Black plastic, flame retardant
Temperature range -20...+60 °C (storage temperature -40...+80 °C)
Switching voltage 5...48 V DC
Switching current per output 0.1 mA...0.2 A
Saturation voltage (across output) max. 1.2 V DC
Leakage current (output is open) max. 0.1 mA
Switching time ON/OFF 14/20 µs
Switching frequency max. 20 kHz
Voltage range ON 1.9...30 V DC
Voltage range OFF 0...1.5 V DC
Control current 16 mA (24 V DC)
LED display LED (yellow)
Commercial data
country of origin CZ
customs tariff number 85414090
EAN 4048879024518
eClass 27371604
Packaging unit 1
Data Regarding Article:
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  • Download Approvals and certificates 526075_1560-04.16_ce_z_c.pdf
  • Download China RoHS information EPUP-25_CHR_x_1.pdf