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cable drum Ø 355mm
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cable drum Ø 355mm

TPE 4x2x24AWG SF/UTP CAT5e bu UL/CSA, CM 100m
Art.No.: 7700-C0201-S4W0000
Weight: 8.004 kg
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Cable drum (100 m)
4× 2× AWG24
No./diameter of wires 4× 2× 0.25 mm²
Wire isolation HDPE (whbl, bl, whor, or, whgn, gn, whbr, br)
C-track properties 1 Mio.
Jacket Color blue
Material (jacket) TPE (UL/CSA)
Outer Ø 7.6 mm ±5%
Bend radius (moving) 10× outer Ø
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+80 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -40...+80 °C
Cable identification S4W
Cable weight [g/m] 74,80
Material (wire) Cu wire, tin plated
Construction (core) 7× 0.203 mm
Diameter (core) 4× 2× 0.25 mm²
AWG similar to AWG 24
Material (wire isolation) HDPE
Wire-Ø incl. isolation 1.17 mm ±5%
Color/numbering of wires (wh-bl, bl) + (wh-or, or) + (wh-gn, gn) + (wh-br, br)
Shield yes
optical shield cover min. 75%
Material (jacket) TPE
Outer-Ø (jacket) 7.6 mm ±5%
Color (jacket) (wh-bl, bl) + (wh-or, or) + (wh-gn, gn) + (wh-br, br)
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+80 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -40...+80 °C
Bend radius (fixed) 5× outer Ø
No. of bending cycles (C-track) max. 1 Mio. (25 °C)
Torsion stress 3 Mio.
Commercial data
country of origin US
customs tariff number 85444995
EAN 4048879663663
eClass 27279218
Packaging unit 1
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