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Mini (7/8) 5 pole, Male (Ext.) Straight/Female Straight,
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Mini (7/8) 5 pole, Male (Ext.) Straight/Female Straight,

PUR, UL/CSA, 5x16AWG, black, 3m
Art.No.: 7700-A5A01-UMD0300
Weight: 0.361 kg
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Male straight – female straight
7/8" – 7/8", 5-pole
Power cable
Further cable lengths on request.
Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils.
The resistance to aggressive media should be individually tested for your application. Further details on request.
Form A5A01
Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 600 V AC/DC
Operating current per contact max. 9 A
Locking of ports Screw thread 7/8" (recommended torque 1.5 Nm) self-securing
Compression gland 7/8" (SW24)
Protection IP68 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)
Locking material Zinc die casting, matte nickel plated
Material PUR
General data
Temperature range -25...+80 °C, depending on cable quality
Cable number UMD
No./diameter of wires 5× 1.5 mm²
Construction (core) 2.3 mm ±5%
Wire isolation TPM (br, wh, bl, bk, gnye)
C-track properties 5 Mio.
Jacket Color black
Material (jacket) PUR (UL/CSA)
Outer Ø 8.7 mm ±5%
Bend radius (fixed) 7.5× outer Ø
Bend radius (moving) 10× outer Ø
Temperature range (fixed) -50...+80 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -20...+80 °C
Commercial data
country of origin DE
customs tariff number 85444290
EAN 4048879640602
eClass 27279218
Packaging unit 1
Data Regarding Article:
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  • Download Approvals and certificates 7700-A5A01-UMDxxxx_E325311-CYJV7_ulc_z_a.pdf
  • Download Approvals and certificates 7700-A5A01-UMDxxxx_E325311-CYJV_ul_z_a.pdf
  • Download China RoHS information EPUP-50_CHR_x_1.pdf
  • Download Drawing Files
* only for products with UL/CSA approved cable